ZOLMAT Kereskedelmi Kft.

Our company’s registered seat is located within the Industrial park near Vasvár, Hungary. The freight gate of the park can be accessed from Kamaraerdei út, turning at the horticulture facility. The freight gate with its porter services is located at the end of the decorative stone driveway on the right side. The site can also be accessed from Kőérberki or Repülőtéri streets; cross the rail tacks behind the bus turn at the intersection of said roads to access the freight gate with porter services, primarily for cars. Cars may use both gates to the park.

Site: H-1112 Budapest, Repülőtéri út 6.
GPS: N 47.444393, E 18.983881
Registered seat: 2040 Budaörs, Pozsonyi út 26.
Postal address: 2040 Budaörs, Pf. 114

Phone: +36 30 684 9231

Our colleagues

Zoltán Varga

Norbert Janosov

Company Head

+36 30 684 9231

József Horváth

Drilling Manager

+36 30 632 1344

Zoltán Bódis

Drilling Manager

+36 30 335 5650

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Dear Inquirer,

Please contact us through the text box below. Direct email addresses and phone numbers for the management are also available.

When requesting a quote, please indicate your company details (name, registered seat, tax number, point of contact) and provide the most important parameters of the job (drilling length, diameter, required number of pipes), as well as the expected duration and deadline of the project.

We have written a Guideline for Planning for the directional drilling technology that may help you in the initial phases of your project and also may already provide the answers to your questions.

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