2015 – Tarr Construction, Services and Commercial Ltd. – Duna intercrossing, Paks
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2015 – OMS Environmental Protection Ltd – Nagyigmánd – Kisigmánd water construction

In August 2015, OMS Environmental Protection Ltd asked for a quote for several directional drillings, the exact number of which was unknown, with reference to its “Nagyigmánd-Kisigmánd water quality improvement project”; in the end, we performed 34 directional drillings within one month.

Modernization of the drinking water system in these townships was implemented by installing a CPE pipe network. Zolmat made drillings primarily for CPE pipes with a diameter of D250 and D315 within and without municipal boundaries. Naturally, we performed blunt welding jointing from our own resources.

Due to the rainy weather and the holidays, the work schedule required ongoing and dynamic adjustments, causing 3 or 4 machines to work simultaneously on a regular basis.

Due to our efforts, we performed 34 directional drillings within one month.